Be better friends with Popover

Making friends is easy. 
Staying friends is harder. 

Popover is the easy way to stay connected to your favorite people, whether life is going well or looking a bit messy. With Popover you can easily ask for help, offer to lend a hand or just stay close to your best friends.

How it works


Need a last-minute babysitter? Dog walker? Obscure kitchen spice? With Popover, you can quickly ping your buddies and ask if anyone can help out. No pressure. No stress. No awkwardness.


Is your friend going through a crappy breakup? Did they just have minor surgery? Popover makes it easy to stop by with a pint of ice cream and an HBOGo password, if your friend is too proud to ask.


Your friends are awesome, and their birthdays, anniversaries, promotions and other milestones deserve celebrating. Don’t let your crappy memory stand in the way of commemorating their accomplishments.

Be a better friend. 

Everyone wants to be a kickass friend, but between work, family, and life, it’s easy to become a little self-absorbed. Popover makes staying close to your favorite people fun, so everyone can get the help and support they need..

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